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MEMORY FIBER Pillow 100% Cotton Luxurious Mesh Gusseted Shell All Sleeper Pillow



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The Ella Jayne Penthouse Collection brings our curated selection of sophisticated luxury bedding to your home, so that you can get a transcendental, blissful night’s sleep, every single night. Made with 100% white cotton, these shells provide a clean, contemporary look with Mesh Gusset side panels and a stylish light grey satin cord piping. Your nights of constantly readjusting, rearranging, and hitting your inadequate pillows into shape are finally over. Welcome to the best night sleep of the rest of your life. Our signature Memory Fiber pillows are the next level in sleep technology, featuring a conjugated design with a unique crimping method, creating a superior resiliency and exhibiting a memory-like response to touch, while retaining softness of a conventional fill. Memory foam pillows can feel dense and unmalleable while Memory Fiber pillows are lightweight and airy while providing unmatched support for your neck and head, even after continuous use and washings.


  • Includes 1 Pillow
  • 100% Cotton Shell
  • 2 inch Mesh Gusset with Grey Satin Piping
  • Filled with Memory Fibers - Softer than Foam
  • Medium Density - Best for Any Type of Sleeper
  • Machine Washable and Dryable


Standard Size: 18.5x24.5
Queen Size: 18.5x28.5
King Size: 18.5x34.5

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Earl Hogan
Couldnt have been better...

Dont even think about the money. Its worth every penny. I couldnt tell last when I had slept like how I am sleeping now without waking up every hour feeling discomfort in my neck. Amazing product. Kudos to the company.

Patricia Brown
Good Pillow

I'm loving this pillow, major relief in neck pain. Loving it's softness and It's very comfortable. Happy with purchase!!

Mae Franklin
Extremely comfortable

I've been trying to find the right pillow for a while and these are just perfect. They are very soft yet extremely supportive at the same time, especially the neck where I have the most general discomfort. I've had the best sleep I've had for a long time! Highly recommend it!

Karen Gaines
Very Soft

These pillows are quite soft. I was hoping they would be a little firmer than they are, but they keep there fluff so far. I usually need two pillows if they are soft, but not with these. I am giving 4 star because the product is nice. However one of mine did come with a slight cut on it. Nothing big, maybe half a inch.

Edward Miller
Good pillows

Good pillows. One came with a few slices in the fabric but have held up great with a few stitches. Would like them to be a little firmer as I am a side sleeper ut a good pillow all around. Shipped fast.